Tuition and Financial Information

Tuition and therapy costs for the 2024-25 school year are:

  • Grades 1-2: $11,250
  • Grades 3-5: $11,500
  • Grades 6-8: $11,750

Families with multiple students enrolled will receive a sibling discount.

Families have three choices for paying tuition:

  • Pay in full in one payment
  • Make two semi-annual payments (2.5% fee)
  • Monthly payments (5% fee)

Other costs include:

  • Application fee: $125
  • One time NILD testing: $400
  • Annual registration: $200
  • Annual book usage fee: grade 1 is $350, grades 2-5 is $400 and grades 6-8 is $450
  • Annual activity fee: $125 covers history projects, science projects, and related activities, but does not include field trips
  • Annual Rhythmic Writing practice supervision: $250
  • School entrance test and evaluation: $75 ONLY for students transferring from another NILD program
  • Field Trip Fees*: $2,000 is an estimated amount for the week-long field trip for one student and one parent. Exact field trip costs will be announced as they are planned. Please budget for them as they are part of each family‚Äôs required participation and fundraising for the school. All students are required to attend the field trip unless medically unable.

All fees are due at time of enrollment, except for the Field Trip Fees.

Families are also required to support and participate in our annual 5k Color Run held each spring. Families who are unable to participate in the 5k will be responsible for donating $1,250.

SB-10 Scholarship

Hope Springs does accept SB-10 scholarship funds. SB-10 payments are sent to the school quarterly, however parents are responsible to make all payments on time. If a scholarship payment is expected but not received by payment due date, parents will be expected to make the current payment, and the scholarship payment will be put toward the next month’s payment.

Our current process is to deduct your estimated SB-10 funds from the total tuition due at the beginning of the school year. However, if scholarship does not pay 100% of tuition then parents may choose one of the payment plans above.

Pay It Forward (PIF)

Corporate Giving for Education or other GaSSO scholarships are accepted. We will deduct the scholarship amount from tuition due and then check a payment plan on the Parental Contract for payment of balance. All PIF monies received January through April will be deducted from May’s tuition payment. PIF monies received during and after May will be credited to the next year’s tuition.