Teachers and Staff

Hope Springs CLC, with God’s help, intends to provide the best and most qualified staff for our students. Every member of our staff and school board has a special love for students who struggle because of their own experiences with a learner that struggles. All teachers at Hope Springs CLC are also trained (or are in the process of being trained) as NILD therapists so that they can integrate therapy techniques into the classroom daily, as well as provide one-on-one therapy to their students.

Mrs. Bettina Cain

Mrs. Cain leads our Level 3 class with our children who are in grades 4th – 7th. She has 18 years of teaching experience. Mrs. Cain has been an NILD member since 2018 and became a NILD Professionally Certified Educational Therapist in 2021. She has a degree in Secondary English and Speech from Western Michigan University.

Mrs. Sherrie McColley

Mrs. McColley leads our Level 4 class with children in grades 7th – 8th. She has 24 years of teaching experience. Mrs. McColley has been an NILD member since 2003 and a NILD Professionally Certified Education Therapist (PCET) since 2015. Mrs. McColley has a Community Health Promotion/Clinical and Health Education degree from Liberty University. She’s had an Autism Specialist Certification since 2017 and a PCDT – Certification from the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). Mrs. McColley has been a member of IDA and the Learning Disability Association since 2017.

Ms. Dorothea Pope
Bookkeeper/Office Manager

Ms.Pope is the school’s Bookkeeper and Office Manager. She holds an Associate’s degree in Accounting and another in Business Administrative Technology, plus an Early Childhood Certificate. Ms. Pope has over 37 years of experience as a bookkeeper!  She has been affiliated with NILD since 2023, and she helps with Rhythmic Writing supervision.

Ms. Deborah Tocco

Ms. Tocco leads our Level 1 class with children in grades 2nd – 4th. She has 11 years of teaching experience. Ms. Tocco has a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She also has a Special Education Provisional Teaching Certification and is an Education Specialist in Special Education for Spanish and English as a second language

Mrs. Sarah West
School Director

Mrs. West is our Director and also teaches part-time in our middle class grades. She has 17 years of teaching experience and has been an NILD member since 2022. Mrs. West has a degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Georgia, and a Master degree in Elementary Education, a Education Specialist degree in Teaching and Learning from Piedmont College. She also has a Gifted Endorsement from Pioneer Regional Service Agency.