Hope Springs

Christian Learning Center

Admissions process

❑ Review the Prospectus Packet

❑ Call or email the director with any questions

❑ Set up a Parent Tour of the school

❑ Have a WISC IQ test completed for your child

❑ Submit application, $50.00 non-refundable service fee, current copy (not over 2 years old) of prior psychological testing, copies of all prior school records, and a referral from a psychologist or doctor, if available

❑ Contact director to schedule NILD testing for your child (may need 2-3 days)

❑ Pay $400 testing fee before or on initial day of testing

❑ Allow up to one week for scoring after testing is completed

❑ Review testing results with director ❑ Schedule family interview

❑ Upon notice of acceptance, submit admissions forms and fees including: 1. Signed Doctrinal Statement 2. Signed Loan Agreement & Parent Agreement 3. Registration Fee, Book Usage Fee 4. Full Tuition Payment or First Tuition Payment (see Loan Agreement)

❑ Prior to beginning at school, submit copies of Birth Certificate, Vision/Hearing/Dental/Health (Form 3300), and Certification of Immunization (Form 3231)

❑ All remaining fees must be paid by September or second month of enrollment


Director: Sarah West     sarah.west@hopespringsschool.org