Hope Springs CLC requests that parents volunteer a minimum of 1 hour per month during the school year.  We understand that this might be difficult due to jobs, having little ones at home, etc. If you have any free time and can help by volunteering, it would be greatly appreciated.  By volunteering, the teachers are free to concentrate on the education and therapy for the children. Listed below, you will find a list of ideas for volunteer services. Thank you for helping the school.



  • Answer phones
  • Be trained to help with Rhythmic Writing
  • Run errands for the school (pick up supplies, etc.)
  • Dust and/or vacuum
  • Monitor study hall once a week
  • Monitor lunchroom once a week
  • Write individual lunch orders on summary forms
  • Run copies or laminate items for teachers
  • Clean the restrooms
  • Clean the pond
  • General maintenance of the school building (sweep front porch, change light bulbs)
  • Straighten books in the great room
  • Seasonal decorating
  • Prayer coordinator
  • Catalog new teacher materials and donations
  • Organize materials and boxes of supplies
  • Clean and organize the sheds

Printable Parental Agreement