(SB10) Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program and Pay It Forward Programs
Parents are responsible to make all payments on time. If a scholarship payment is expected but not received by payment due date, parents will be expected to make the current payment and scholarship payment will be put toward the next month’s payment.

SB10 GA Scholarship payments are received quarterly. All fees are due at time of enrollment. If scholarship does not pay 100% of tuition, deduct scholarship amount from tuition due and then check a payment plan above for payment of balance. Payments are due the 10th of each month.

EXAMPLE: $9,240.00 plus interest minus scholarship value (4 payments) divided by 10 months

Pay It Forward (PIF) All fees are due at time of enrollment. Payments are due on the 10th of each month.

*NOTE: Due to new regulations, all PIF monies received January through April will be
deducted from May’s tuition payment. PIF monies received during and after May will
be credited to the next year’s tuition