Purpose Statement

HOPE SPRINGS Christian Learning Center seeks to provide an optimum learning experience in a distinctly Christian setting for children with learning differences.

HOPE SPRINGS CLC is specifically designed to meet the needs of children who:

1. Are experiencing failure in the traditional classroom.
2. Have been diagnosed as being either slow learners or having a learning disability.
3. Need a period of academic success and intensive training to prepare them for a later return to traditional education.
4. Have parents who are committed to participate in their child’s educational experience.

The key factors that make it possible for HOPE SPRINGS CLC to provide this optimum learning experience are:

1. A faculty of highly trained Christian teachers committed to helping children reach their full potential.
2. An academic program integrated with the most effective learning methods and materials available.
3. Small classes of ability-grouped children.
4. One to one educational therapy following the NILD (National Institute of Learning Development) program.
5. Many NILD techniques integrated daily into the classroom.


To re-mediate deficient academic skills and stimulate the areas of weakness in perception and cognition through the NILD program.

To assist in the building of a strong Christian character by adding to the student’s understanding of Biblical Christianity; the development of a personal faith, moral excellence, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness and love, through:carefully maintained habits watching those who model this kind of life parent education service to the community

To provide a safe, trusting structured environment in which the student will understand through experience that he/she can learn.

To emphasize the knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, and behavior that will enable effective participation in the student’s world as they reach for their God-given potential.

To train them to become independent learners by fostering a positive attitude toward becoming an active learner, by teaching good study habits, by being committed to self-discipline and working through the curriculum.

To enable students to return to the regular classroom (probably with continued NILD therapy for sometime), when it is appropriate for their best interest.

Accreditations & Affiliations

Georgia Accrediting Commission

National Institute for Learning Development

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