Hope Springs Christian Learning Center began in Atlanta, Georgia, in August 1996.  The school was designed to meet the needs of the children who have been identified as having learning disabilities with either low, average, or above average intelligence.  The founders of Hope Springs CLC, Faith and Everett Boyce, felt especially drawn to serve Christian families with children who have shown that they cannot handle the demands of the traditional classroom, and also, those typical LD children who are functioning below grade level.  By the grace of God, the Hope Springs approach may be able to fill a definite void in the world of Christian education.

Faith and Everett Boyce were missionaries for 23 years to the Philippine Islands. They ran a school for missionary children. Faith was introduced to the NILD program in 1978.  When they returned to the United States, they started the school for children with learning disabilities.  The school scripture verse is Psalm 139:14, “I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.