The HOPE SPRINGS Christian Learning Center serves students from ages 7 to 14 years of age.

Instructional classes range in size from 3 to 5 students per classroom or as the director deems necessary.

Classes are organized according to ability-level keeping grade level and age as part of the deciding factor.  Whether placed for ability or grade level, the child will receive appropriate working skill level instruction.  Class placement will be determined by the administrator, but skill and maturity levels will be a factor in the placement of the student.

During the academic year, therapy consists of a minimum of 60 one-to-one sessions generally two times per week for 55 minutes each depending on holidays and inclement weather.  This is supplemented by three Rhythmic Writing practice sessions each week (10 to 15 minutes each) under the supervision of a therapist or trained therapy aide. In addition, many NILD therapy techniques are used in the classroom throughout the day.  All students enrolled in HOPE SPRINGS CLC receive NILD therapy. Therapy sessions are scheduled during study hall and after school.

Due to the purpose of our program, before and after school programs including athletics are not available.  We do encourage community athletics.

Students must show evidence that they are covered by accident insurance.

Parents are expected to attend all Parent Meetings and conferences.  General information about learning disabilities and the policies of HOPE SPRINGS CLC, as well as important announcements will be presented at these meetings.

HOPE SPRINGS Christian Learning Center takes no responsibility for providing meals or transportation.  A list of the names and addresses of parents is available in the HOPE SPRINGS CLC office so parents who are interested may arrange a car pool.

This is a 3 to 5-year program.  

Graduation from the NILD program is based on NILD test scores and classroom performance.  

HOPE SPRINGS Christian Learning Center, Inc. admits students of any race, color