We believe that education is learning truth. We believe that all truth is God’s truth. There is no division between secular and Biblical truth. God’s truth will not be divorced from everyday life—past or present. Truth needs to be integrated so that students learn to have a Christian world-view.

We believe that children are persons that God has gifted in different ways and even the same gifts in different measure. Since each child is different, individual attention should be given to each student. The student’s education should make him realize God’s claim on his life resulting in a Christian life-style. We believe that education is a life-style.

We believe that HOPE SPRINGS CLC’s curriculum should create a hunger in each student to want to learn, to want to know more, and to be actively pursuing the best gifts from living books. This atmosphere and curriculum should be consistent with the learning patterns of children with learning disabilities.

We believe that education is an atmosphere.

We believe that education is a discipline. We believe in Christian training that corrects, models, and strengthens to develop character. Strong character comes from the implementation of good and godly habits. With a proper emphasis on character development, education occurs and academic progress follows.

We believe that parents and teachers are role models and should demonstrate the Lordship of Christ in every area of life. We believe that education is taught.

We believe that education is the science of relationships. We believe that the child’s relationship to God is the most important factor in life, and next is his/her relationship to others. We also believe that all knowledge is unified and should be taught in relationships. Children with learning disabilities, even more so than others, need to see the progression or sequence of relationships from the known to the unknown.