Funding Participation


The founders and the members of the Board of Directors of HOPE SPRINGS Christian Learning Center had a vision to establish a school that would provide a revolutionary new approach to helping children with learning disabilities.  To accomplish this, they employed qualified NILD educational therapists to do both the therapy and the classroom instruction. With a very low student to teacher ratio, this has proven to be very expensive. To make it as affordable as possible for the average Christian family It is important that everyone involved with HOPE SPRINGS Christian Learning Center recognize that tuition payments and fees cannot cover the operational expenses of the school.  To offset the expenses of the school not covered by tuition and fees, Hope Springs Christian Learning Center has two fund-raisers each year. Each family is required to participate in these fundraising activities. Generous contributions are also necessary.


  • HOPE SPRINGS Christian Learning Center provides each year a learning experience through  a week-long school trip.  Each student plus a parent or adult chaperone are expected to attend.  The cost usually ranges between $750.00 – $1,250.00 per person, depending on the expenses of the trip planned.


  • HOPE SPRINGS Christian Learning Center also has an annual Golf Classic in the spring of each year in which all parents are expected to participate by:
    • Generating a minimum of $500.00 with hole sponsors & cash donations
    • Providing prizes for raffle item
    • Providing two sets of four golfers


If a family is unable to participate with the golf classic, they will be responsible to personally donate the equivalent amount of $700.00.  Any fund-raising commitment not met will be added to the May payment.


After expenses are paid, proceeds from these fund-raisers are used by Hope Springs Christian Learning Center for operating costs, advancement of teacher/therapist education, and other materials or services deemed necessary for the improvement of the school.


Proceeds from the school trip and any donations for the Golf Classic can be deducted on your income taxes as a donation to a non-profit organization.  You will receive a tax form from the bookkeeper declaring the amount donated.