This curriculum has been developed believing that exceptional children from Christian families are a vital part of God’s creative plan when He said, “It was very good”.  The scriptures teach, “As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith”. Exceptional children are a part of God’s eternal purpose as they are educated and bring glory to God.  


Believing that being in graded classes has hindered the learning process of those with learning differences, these students will be taught in ability-level groups.  When necessary, part-time teachers will be hired to teach specific subjects.


We believe that learning disabled children need not only to be in a different learning environment from the traditional classroom, but that they also need a curriculum that is sensory-based, experiential and one that emphasizes the processing of language in many different avenues.  


Therefore, HOPE SPRINGS CLC will incorporate ideas from the following curriculums, but is not limited to:

Merrill math supplemental to Abeka math

NILD approach is used with the basic skills of reading, writing and spelling

Enrichment days – conducted with the help of parents during activities such as: field trips, special speakers, special activity days

Abeka – used for math, English, reading, history, and science

Abeka & supplemental curriculum – Bible

Blue Book – phonics & therapy

Wordly Wise – vocabulary & spelling