*Application Fee: A $50.00 non-refundable application fee must be submitted with

the application prior to testing.

*Testing Fee for Specific Learning Differences: $400.00

           complete battery of Learning Disability evaluations

           (Unless complete battery of NILD testing has been given by a trained

           NILD therapist within the past two years).

            These application, testing fees, and testing are due prior to school

            enrollment or can be used for informational purposes for the

            parent/guardian.                                   Total: $450.00

Registration Fee: required annually for each student $200.00

Combined School Tuition and Therapy Sessions $9,425.00

Book Usage Fee: must be paid at the time of registration or re-enrollment

  • Grades 2-5   $275.00
  • Grades 6-8   $300.00
  • NILD initial book fee (new students only) $200.00

Activity Fee: covers history projects, science projects, and related activities $125.00

         but does not include field trips.

Rhythmic Writing Practice Supervision $250.00

**School Entrance Test & Evaluation Fee: required of current NILD $75.00

            students transferring from another NILD program.

*The WISC (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children) is a required test, to be administered by a licensed psychologist, within the past two years.  This test must be done prior to the testing Hope Springs Christian Learning Center does for specific learning differences which will be used to establish a protocol for individualized therapy.

* These fees apply to new students only.

**This fee only applies to NILD students transferring from another NILD program/therapist.