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How can Hope Springs help your child?

  • By increasing the child’s self-worth through improved academic achievement
  • By using highly effective L.D. techniques and classroom modifications
  • By having teachers specifically trained to work with children who have learning disabilities
  • By individualizing the program to adapt to each child’s needs
  • By helping the child feel more self confident and more socially at ease
  • By preparing the student to return successfully to a traditional classroom situation
  • By building character with a distinctly Christian approach

We offer:

  • A traditional full-day school from 2nd to 8th grade and educational therapy (NILD)
  • Small ability-grouped classes of five to six students
  • Highly trained Christian teachers who are committed to helping children reach their full potential
  • Accredited by GAC (Georgia Accrediting Commission)
  • Tuition scholarships are available through the Pay It Forward Scholarships Program ( or call us at 678-442-8785
  • Unique 1-week field trips

In 2016, we celebrate our 20th year of providing school and therapy services for students with learning differences in this community!

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